Gemlord Master List

For those of you curious as to just who makes up the Gemlords of Lithos, I give you the so-called "master list". A culmination of what I've learned so far about the five hundred individuals that make up the population that helps the Vortex Mirror maintain Balance in the Cosmos, this particular list isn't done yet. At the moment, I only have two hundred and sixty-three Gemlords defined, but that is just a bit over half of them defined.

In time, this list will be added to as I ask around and find out who the other Gemlords that remain are, what they do and to whom they consider themselves related, and it will also be linked to interviews and/or pictures of the Gemlord in question. But for now, take a scan down the list and become just a bit more familiar about the small but complex society that revolves around Lord Obsidian and the Vortex Mirror.

However, if you feel like going elsewhere at the moment, I can return you back to the main quarters.

Abelsonite Lord Covert Ops agent, usually taking on an assignment to watch over and teach native children. Has an aura that relaxes children, enabling them to feel calmer and more able to handle stressful situations. pink/pink-violet/violet-pink/violet
Abernathyite Lord Covert Ops agent, usually taking on an assignment where he can pose as a professor of archaeology or anthropology. Intellectual, curious, scholarly, and a amateur detective. yellow
Acanthite Lady Covert Ops agent, usually taking on an assignment where she can pose as an artist in a number of media. Optimistic, idealistic, and imaginative, she often inspires other artists with her own enthusiasm and work. silver
Achroite Lord Intellectual and a follower by nature, is assigned to the Sciences and Technologies Corps a perennial lab assistant, floating to wherever a scientist needs extra help. Brother to Tourmaline, Indicolite, Rubellite and Schorl. clear
Acmite Lord City Guard, well known for his bravery and courage. Some call it obstinacy. Twin to Aegerine. gray-black/dark brown/black
Actinolite Lord Brother of Nephrite, Nightmare agent, Healer. Well-known for being as stubbornly determined as his older brother. nephrite jade w/white cat's eye chatoyant ray
Adamant Lord Commander of the Peacekeeping Corps. Brother to Diamond. Mysterious, mystic and homosexual. black
Adamite Lord Charming and effiminate, homosexual. Spy under Hiddenite's command. Despite seeming to be an airhead, he actually has a keen sense for details. apple or yellow green
Adularia Lady Dreamer. Sister to Orthoclase. opalescent with a cool blue schiller
Aegerine Lady Twin to Acmite and a City Guard as well. Just as brave, courageous (and stubborn) as her brother. gray-black/dark brown/black
Agardite Lord Scout under Malachite's command. Has an extreamly acute sense of smell and has an instinctive knowledge of who would make a good mate for whom. Brother to Aheylite. blue-green
Agate Lady Sister to Chalcedony white with other colors
Aheylite Lady Scout under Malachite's command. Has an extreamly acute sense of smell and has an instinctive knowledge of who would make a good mate for whom, only she tends to play matchmaker while her brother does not. Sister to Agardite. blue-green
Ainalite Lady Sister to Cassiterite and an Overt Ops mystic/warrioress. Though quite talented, she also radiates an aura of peace around her such that most opponents that face her don't feel like fighting her. yellow-brown to red-brown
Alabaster Lord Brother to Gypsum and Selenite. massive, translucent white, sometimes tinged pale pink or yellow
Albite Lord Dreamer agent. Brother to Feldspar, Labradorite, Azulisite, Anorthite, Andesine and Oligoclase. Tends to act in order to keep those around him from becoming martyrs, self-depreciating or otherwise become overly involved. translucent clear and white with pale blue schiller.
Alexandrite Lord/Lady Sibling of Cymophane and Catseye (Sibling by adoption to Garnet, Tanzanite, Zoisite). Second youngest Gemlord, and a green-haired, green-eyed male during daylight hours and a red-haired, reddish-brown-eyed female during the darkness of night. Junior Assistant Librarian, life-partnered to Jet. red in artificial light, green in natural light
Almandine Lord Brother of Pyrope and Rhodolite, cousin to Garnet, Uvarovite, et al. Tends to stay focused on a task and gets things done in a competent, purposeful fashion. City Guard with a talent in pyrokinetics almost equal to Pyrope's. dark, pinkish red
Amazonite Lady Professional warrioress, proficient in a number of disciplines, and well-known for her haughty, arrogant and brusque manner. Sister to Microcline. brilliant blue-green
Amber Lady Eastern Lieutenant of the Tower Guard, Primary Schooling Instructor amber yellow
Amblygonite Lord straw yellow, from pale to dark
Amethyst Lady Master Healer. Sister to Citrine and Ametrine, cousin to Quartz, Crystal, Rose-Quartz, et al. wine violet
Ametrine Lord/Lady Sibling to Citrine and Amethyst, cousin to Quartz, et al. A blond male with light violet eyes and a dark-violet-haired woman with light yellow-gold eyes. True form is an asexual (not hermaphroditic) combination of both bodies. Life-partnered to Jadeite. amethyst violet and citrine yellow within same crystal
Ammolite Lord Brother to Shell and Tortoiseshell, Nightmare agent dark brown with red, yellow, orange and green iridescence
Andalusite Lord Brother to Chiastolite. yellow-brown, bottle-green, dark brown, greenish-red
Andesine Lady Sister to Labradorite, Azulisite, Albite, Anorthite, Feldspar and Oligoclase. Another Covert Ops agent who tends to accept assignments where she can pose as a singer or actress. Known to be short-tempered and egotistical. metallic blue-green
Andradite Lord Brother to Topazolite, cousin to Garnet, Spessartine, et al.
Angel Lady Sister to Coral. Stone's English name actually Angel-skin Coral delicate blush-pink color
Anglesite Lord transparent with slight yellowish tinge
Anorthite Lord Brother to Labradorite, Azulisite, Albite, Andesine, Feldspar and Oligoclase. Older Gemlord, wise and scholarly. Physicist. red or pale yellow
Apatite Lord clear, yellow, violet, blue, green
Apophyllite Lord Much to his dismay, he shares a name with a current Negaverse general. Brother to Phosphophyllite. clear, white, green, yellow
Aquamarine Lady Sister to Emerald, Beryl, and Morganite. sea-green to sky blue
Aragonite Lord clear, white
Asbolan Lord An Overt Ops mystic/warrior with the empathic ability to force those around him to bring up and focus on or obsess over feelings of revenge, hate or anger. Is himself angry and vengeful. Can create a lion-like construct of shadowy psychic energy that does quite real damage. black
Augite Lord Short and overly ambitious Covert Ops scout, he pulls in whatever's needed to get ahead and knows how to use his own powers effectively to realize his ambitions, one of which is his empathic ability to lessen the ambitions of those around him. Likes to hang around Serpentine and Jadeite when he can. brown to black with bright luster.
Aventurine Lady Scouting partner of Turquoise. Sister to Brazilianite, cousin to Quartz, Crystal, et al and to Amethyst, Ametrine and Citrine. Life-partered to Hiddenite. green, orange, greenish brown, bluish white, bluish green
Axinite Lord rich brown, honey yellow or plum purple
Azulisite Lady Sister to Labradorite and a Dream Ops agent. Well known for her endurance, tirelessness and ability to work for long hours at a time. same stone as Labradorite.
Azurite Lady Twin, assistant and lifepartner to Malachite deep blue, black bands
Barite Lord clear, white, yellow, blue, orange
Benitoite Lord One of the younger Gemlords. Civil engineer. Currently involved with Lazuli. sapphire blue, clear from certain angles
Benjaninite Lady Healer/Psychologist. Has the empathic ability to numb out the emotional trauma of things such as murder, war or rape. Orange/orange-yellow/yellow-orange/yellow
Beryl Lady Sister to Emerald, Morganite, Aquamarine, et al. Now destroyed for treason. intense deep red
Beryllonite Lady Covert Ops scout and a self-imposed champion of animals everywhere, especially mamillian life-forms. Seems to be a little slow upstairs, but it's just an act. clear, with sometimes a pale yellow tinge, weak fire makes this gem appear dull)
Bixbite Lord Brother to Emerald, Beryl, Aquamarine, et al. dark, intense, purplish-red
Bowenite Lord Brother to Serpentine and Williamsite. translucent green or blue-green
Brazilianite Lady Overt Ops warrioress. Sister to Aventurine. striking, green-tinged yellow color
Bronzite Lord Brother to Hypersthene greenish-brown w/bronze-like luster
Brucite Lord Covert Ops agent, usually taking on an assignment dealing with negotiation and arbitration. Empathic ability to make others calm and to not give in to emotional pressure or hysterics. clear/yellow/pale green/pale blue/gray/brownish-red/brown
Bullseye Lord Brother to Tigerseye and Hawkseye. Northern Dream Warrior of Earth bands of chatoyant black and red
Cairngorm Lord Brother to Quartz, Crystal, et al, cousin to Amethyst, Citrine and Ametrine. smoky brown
Calcite Lord One of the oldest Gemlords. Brother to Cobaltocalcite. clear
Caledonite Lady IA agent and Healer. Friendly, neighborly and charismatic. Cover is being a Healer. dark green
Californite Lord Brother to Idiocrase. Covert Ops agent that usually takes assignments where he can pose as an athlete of some sort. Has picked up the mannerisms of Terran California's "valley dudes", much to the dismay of some of the other Gemlords. green
Callais Lady Turquoise's twin. Intellectual but in an artistic way. Covert Ops agent that takes assignments where she can pose as an artist of various media. blue/green/blue-green
Calomel Lady Covert Ops scout and Nightmare agent. Energetic and swift. clear with a faint metallic luster
Carnelian Lady IA agent and Healer. Cousin to Chalcedony, Onyx, Sard, Sardonyx, Chrysoprase, and Jasper. Cover is being not only a Healer but also having the reputation of being one of the troublemakers in the first place. reddish-orange
Carollite Lady Administrative assistant to Morganite and Hemetite, essentially the secretary for the Lord Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Stable and down to earth, she helps foster a feeling of appreciation and interest between the Gemlords and their City, encouraging people to volunteer to help take care of it. yellow/mustard yellow/yellow-green/green/brown
Cassiterite Lady One of the youngest Gemlords, member of the City Guard. Life-partnered to Morganite. reddish-brown/black/yellow
Catseye Lady Sister to Cymophane and Alexandrite. Cousin to Chrysoberyl, Quartz et al. Western Dream Warrior of Water chatoyant, with 1 ray
Celadonite Lady No-nonsense scout in the Covert Ops with a tendancy to be sharply critical of the flaws of others and makes a hobby of deflating the arrogance of others. Some consider her self-righteous. dull green
Celestine Lady One of the youngest Gemlords clear/milk white/yellow/orange/pale blue
Celestite Lady usually sky blue, can also be colorless, yellow, or have tints of red, green and brown
Cerussite Lady One of the younger Gemlords clear, white, gray, black
Chalcedony Lord Cousin to Quartz, Amethyst, Aventurine, Rose-Quartz and Tigerseye the full rainbow of stone colors
Chambersite Lord chamberlain, maintenance purplish-red
Charoite Lord Assistant Librarian purple
Cheralite Lady Covert Ops agent, usually taking on an assignment where she can pose as an entertainer (either an actor or singer). Where she sees herself as enjoying the freedom of being single, others tend to see her as a tramp. red or green
Chessylite Lady Malachite and Azurite's younger sister. A Covert Ops agent that specializes in arbitration and diplomacy, she's well known for her ability to listen and to soften the stubborn stance of others in an argument. same stone as Azurite.
Chiastolite Lady Sister to Andalusite yellowish-gray with cross-like cross-section
Chloromelanite Lady Sister to Jadeite and Nephrite. rich emerald green with white and black mottling
Chrysoberyl Lady One of the older Gemlords. Twin to Chrysolite. green, yellow-green
Chrysocolla Lady bright turquoise green, cut in cabs
Chrysolite Lord Twin of Chrysoberyl yellow, brown
Chrysoprase Lady Twin to Prase, cousin to Chalcedony, Onyx, Sard, Sardonyx, Jasper, et al. apple green
Cinnabar Lady Another "bad girl" Gemlord. Life-partnered to Sinhalite as well as his Covert Ops partner. transparent, deep red with subsurface metallic luster
Citrine Lady Sister to Amethyst and Ametrine, cousin to Quartz, Crystal, et al. golden yellow
Cobaltocalcite Lord Brother to Calcite massive, opaque, intense violetish-pink
Contraluz Lady Sister to Opal, Fire-Opal, et al. Dreamer transparent with multicolored iridescence visible at any angle to the stone
Coral Lady Healer. Sister to Angel. red/pink/white/black/blue/golden
Cordierite Lord Professional swordsman. Twin to Iolite. strong color change, from deep sapphire blue one direction to colorless the other
Corundum Lord Brother to Sapphire and Ruby. One of the older Gemlords clear
Covellite Lord Spy with Nightmare powers. opaque indigo blue with silver veins, submetallic luster
Crocoite Lord Another troublemaker Gemlord. Herpetologist. transparent, intense, dark orangy-red
Crystal Lady Twin to Quartz, sister to Rose-Quartz, cousin to Amethyst, Citrine, Ametrine.
Cuprite Lord Spy with Nightmare powers. transparent, dark red with metallic luster
Cymophane Lord Dreamer. Brother to Catseye. Cousin to Chrysoberyl, Quartz, et al. yellow/yellow-green/green, Chatoyant, 1 ray
Danburite Lord transparent, colorless
Datolite Lord One of the more intellectually focused Gemlords, an expert in technologies and the retrieval and storing of knowledge. Computer engineer. transparent/colorless
Demantoid Lord Cousin to Garnet, Spessartine, Uvarovite, et al. fiery, intense, emerald green
Diamond Lady Consort, Captain of the Tower Guard. Sister to Adamant. transparent
Diaspore Lady transparent yellow-green with orange-brown highlights
Diopside Lady Twin to Violane. bottle-green, bright emerald green, light green or brownish-green
Dioptase Lady One of the youngest Gemlords, Healer. vivid, bluish-emerald green
Dolomite Lord clear, white, pink, yellow
Dravite Lord Brother to Tourmaline, Indicolite, Rubellite, Achroite and Schorl. brown
Dumortierite Lord massive stone with indigo blue streaked slightly by white
Elbaite Lady twin to Tourmaline
Emerald Lady Northern Lieutenant of the Tower Guard. Sister to Beryl, Aquamarine, Morganite, et al. Sister by adoption to Nephrite. emerald green
Enstatite Lord gray-green, yellow-green, olive green, brownish-green, emerald green
Epidote Lord Twin to Unakite. dark brownish-green, dark brownish yellow or dark brown
Euclase Lady Physicist pale aquamarine blue/pale yellow/pale green/colorless
Feldspar Lord Brother to Labradorite, Azulisite, Albite, Andesine, Oligoclase and Anorthite. One of the oldest Gemlords and one of Topaz's assistants in the maintenance of the Tower. red/red-brown/brown
Fibroite Lord Twin to Sillimanite. Electrical engineer same colors, but has fiber-like apparance
Fire-Agate Lord Brother to Chalcedony, Dreamer amber with iridescent inclusions
Fire-Opal Lady Sister to Opal transparent, rich orange-yellow color
Fluorapatite Lady brilliant green
Fluorite Lady Healer. Sister to Angel. green/blue/violet
Galena Lady Twin to Galenite. A scholar and a philosopher, she's well known for her unconscious aura that forces those around her to tell the truth. Though a sociologist by trade, she does help the Covert Ops and Overt Ops in investigations. blue-gray
Galenite Lord Twin to Galena. Having the same ability of unconciously forcing those around him to state the truth, he's quite an effective intelligence agent. blue-gray
Garnet Lord Personal Intelligence agent to Lord Obsidian and Lady Diamond. Life-partnered to Tanzanite. Brother by adoption to Alexandrite and Zoisite. Cousin to Spessartine, Uvarovite, Pyrope, et al. red/red-violet
Gehlenite Lord Geneticist. deep green/green-black/black
Goshenite Lord Brother to Emerald, Beryl, Aquamarine, et al. clear
Grossular Lord
Gypsum Lady A "middle-aged" Gemlord known for her wanderlust. Dresses as a Terran Gypsy. Dream agent and spy. Sister to Alabaster and Selenite. translucent white with a pronounced satin sheen and a cat's eye effect
Hackmanite Lord Computer engineer and programmer. Brother of Sodalite and Hauyne. His blond hair has a tendency to glow with an orange light in sunlight--or any other light source with UV rays colorless or light yellow, turns pinkish-orange when exposed to short-wave UV light and fades back to original color in 2 minutes or so
Hambergite Lord transparent, looks like faceted glass
Hauyne Lord Brother to Sodalite. Second-in-command of the intelligence corps; in charge of Internal Affairs. Poses as a technician in the domestic corps. Life-partnered to Turquoise. bright, electric blue
Hawkseye Lord Brother to Bullseye and Tigerseye. Eastern Dream Warrior of Air bands of chatoyant dark gray and blue
Heliodor Lord Highest ranking field agent of the peacekeepers. Brother to Emerald, Morganite, Beryl. Powers based on sunlight and heat. golden yellow
Heliotrope (Bloodstone) Lord Healer. Cousin to Chalcedony, Onyx, Sard, Sardonyx, Chrysoprase, Jasper and Carnelian dark green w/blood red flecks
Hematite Lord Deputy Mayor, well known for being the "devil's advocate". Another "bad-apple" Gemlord. Life-partnered to Schorl black w/metallic luster
Herderite Lord groundskeeper, head gardener medium green
Hessonite Lord Cousin to Garnet, Spessartine, Uvarovite, et al. cinnamon, or orange-brown
Hiddenite Lord Commander of the Intelligence Corps, Kunzite's brother. Life-partnered to Aventurine. pale green
Hornstone Lord Northern Nightmare Warrior of Earth. Brother of Jasper. 6'5", buff build, short, straight smoky gray hair streaked with black, iron gray eyes. gray
Howlite Lord chalky white color veined with black or brown
Hypersthene Lady green to grayish-black or brown
Idiocrase Lord Brother to Californite. IA agent with energy draining powers. Cover job as a Covert Ops scout. blue/yellow/yellow-green/brown
Ilmenite Lord Biologist/Animal trainer. purple-gray/purple-black with metallic luster
Ilvaite Lady Biologist/Veterinarian/Healer that specializes in non-humanoid lifeforms. black
Indicolite Lord Brother to Tourmaline. Fighter and Healer assigned to the City Guard. blue
Iolite Lady Senior Assistant Librarian. Life-partnered to Kyanite, sister of Cordierite. strong color change, from deep sapphire blue one direction to colorless the other
Ivory Lady Terrestrial biologist/ecologist bright white to ivory white
Jacinth Lady Sister of Zircon. Golden-brown hair and violet eyes. orange, yellow, reddish-brown, or golden-brown
Jadeite Lord Eastern Commander of Elemental Air. Brother to Nephrite and Actinolite. Life-partnered to Ametrine. yellow-orange
Jamesite Lord IA agent. Cover is as a City Guard. Confident and optimistic, he tends to encourage those around him and give them a feeling of security and that support will be there when needed. reddish-brown
Jamesonite Lord City Guard, well known for his stability, stick-to-it-ness and steadfastness. Very hard-working. steel gray with metallic luster.
Jarosite Lord Overt Ops agent, well known for his intellectual curiosity and skill at arbitration brown
Jasper Lord Southern Nightmare Warrior of Fire. Brother to Hornstone. Cousin to Chalcedony, Sard, Sardonyx, Onyx and Chrysoprase. One of the truly bad apple Gemlords, known to have the power to deprive other Gemlords of their powers. brown, red, gray-blue, green, yellow
Jet Lord Cousin to Diamond and Adamant. Third-in-command of the intelligence corps. Life-partnered to Alexandrite opaque black with velvety luster
Jinshajiangite Lady Philospher and mystic, member of the Overt Ops corps. Skilled at reaching inner truths and cutting away self-deceptions. Favors dress from the Far East of Terra, specifically Imperial China and Japan. blackish-red to golden-red
Joaquinite Lady Healer/Psychologist. Has the empathic ability to help one overcome the traumas of rape, sexual assault or molestation. ?
Julienite Lady Covert Ops scout. Is especially sensitive to the telempathic detection of lifeforces. blue
Kornerupine Lady Known for her seemingly innocent aura. Botanist. grayish-green color, strong dichroism allowing for reddish-brown from a different angle
Kunzite Lord Leader of the Elemental Guard, Southern Commander of Fire lavender-pink
Kyanite Lord Head Librarian, Keeper of the Lithos Public Archives. Life-partnered to Iolite. purple/blue/grey with white highlights
Labradorite Lord Center and leader of the Dreamers Binding. iridescent black
Laramar Lady Sociologist, specializing in counseling those whose partnerships and marriages are in difficult times. Has the empathic ability to amplify the underlying love those around her feel for others. sky blue
Lawsonite Lord Nightmare agent, able to help others get in touch with their instinctive terrors and fears so that they can work on them and conquer them. Brother to Agate, cousin to Chalcedony, Jasper, et al. pale yellow/brown/pink with darker, leopardlike rosettes.
Lazuli Lady Eastern Nightmare Warrior of Air. Twin of Lazurite, sister to Sodalite and Hauyne. royal blue with white and gold specks
Lazurite Lord Nightmare Warrior. Twin of Lazuli and brother to Sodalite and Hauyne. Currently involved with Celestine. royal blue with white and gold specks
Lepidolite Lord
Linarite Lord Covert Ops agent, usually taking on an assignment where he can pose as an entertainer, most likely a comic. Good-humored and optimistic. azure blue
Litharge Lord Healer/Toxicologist, specializing in the purging of toxins from living organisms. orange/orange-red
Llanoite Lord Intelligence agent. Considered to be eccentric and intellectual. pink/lavender-pink/lavender
Madeira Lady Sister to Citrine, Amethyst and Ametrine. same as citrine, only reddish-orange variety
Magnetite Lord Second in Command of the peacekeepers. Has the power to control electromagentism. power of electromagnetism
Malachite Lord Chief Field Officer of Off-World Native Affairs. Life-partnered to Azurite. deep green w/black and mallow-green bands
Malaya Lady Bad girl" Gemlord with reputation of being loose. Cousin to Garnet, Spessartine, Uvarovite, et al. Member of the Internal Affairs division. (name is word for "prostitute" because orange tone of color was once seen as inferior. Deep red-orange
Mali Lady Another of the garnet cousins and the youngest save Garnet himself. bright yellow-green
Mandarin Lord Brother of Spessartine, cousin to the other garnets. intense "sunkist" orange color
Manganotantalite Lord deep, dark, intense red
Margerite Lady One of the youngest Gemlords. One of the Tower staff assigned to Topaz. Sweet, innocent and views the world without cynicism. salmon-pink
Marialite Lady IA agent and Healer. Cover is as a Healer specializing in immunology. white
Marmatite Lady Astronomer/Astrologer. Sister to Sphalerite. Life-partnered to Siderite. yellow/tan/brown
Massicot Lord Healer/Toxicologist, specializing in the purging of toxins from living organisms. yellow
Matildite Lady Overt Ops agent, well known for her encouragement of interracial and intercultural commnucations. Has empathic ability to make those around her curious about other cultures and perspectives. blue
Meerschaum Lady Marine biologist/ecologist chalky white, light, porous, and can float on water; name means "sea-foam"
Melanite Lady Sister to Andradite black or black-red with metallic luster
Miargyrite Lord Covert Ops agent, usually taking on an assignment where he can pose as an athlete or coach. Good at encouraging the athletic ability of others. silver metallic
Microcline Lady Professional warrioress, but not as skilled as her sister Amazonite. opaque white, yellow, pink, red or gray
Milarite Lord City Guard, well known for his keen eyesight and astute observations. rust-red
Mizzonite Lord IA agent and immunologist. Cover is immunologist. ?
Moldavite Lord Member of Internal Affairs. Brother to Obsidian, Snowflake and Tektite. transparent, deep bottle green
Montebrasite Lord light mint green or light yellow
Morganite Lord Officer in charge of city affairs, Lord Mayor. Brother to Emerald, Beryl, Aquamarine. Life-partner of Cassiterite pale pink
Morion Lord Brother to Quartz, Rose-Quartz, et al, cousin to Amethyst, Citrine, Ametrine and Madeira. black
Morrisonite Lord Overt Ops mystic and warrior. Specialist in shamanistic rituals from all over the Cosmos and of helping others take part in such rituals. brown/olive green/tan, sometimes streaked
Mullite Lord Economist and expert in financial planning. light pink
Myrichite Lady Information and communications analyst and engineer. bright red/orange/yellow/black stripes
Nephrite Lord Northern Commander of Elemental Earth. Brother to Actinolite and Jadeite. deep green
Obsidian Lord Ruler, Guardian of Space, Keeper of the Vortex Mirror green-black
Oligoclase Lord Brother to Labradorite, Azulisite, Albite, Andesine, Feldspar and Anorthite. Older Gemlord and member of the Covert Ops as a sensitive materials courier. orange or orange-brown
Olivine Lady Twin to Peridot. same stone, only more of an olive green color than emerald green
Omphacite Lord Covert Ops scout, noted for his sense of adventure and boldness. A close friend of Garnet and Azurite. green
Onyx Lord Triplet of Sard and Sardonyx, cousin to Chalcedony. straight bands of brown and white or black and white
Opal Lady Hair is silver, eyes are black, both with iridescent patches of green, blue, violet, orange, red and yellow. Healer and Nightmare West. Sister to Fire-Opal. white or black with multicolored internal highlights
Orthoclase Lord Brother to Adularia. transparent and colorless
Oxblood Lord Brother to Coral and Angel. deepest, darkest red coral
Padparadsha Lady Sister to Sapphire, Ruby and Corundum. One of the youngest Gemlords. pinkish-orange
Pearl Lady Dreamer and Healer opaque, pearly luster, white, white tinged with pink or yellow or blue or gray, brown, or black
Peridot Lord Twin to Olivine. deep bottle-green color
Peristerite Lord Brother to Albite, Moonstone and Adularia, Nightmare agent translucent white with gray-blue schiller
Petalite Lady Botonist with plant-shaping powers. transparent and colorless or opaque white
Petersite Lord Covert Ops agent, usually taking on an assignment where he can pose as a teacher or professor of a number of language-based subjects. silver-blue with metallic sheen
Phenakite Lord Another "bad-apple" Gemlord white, clear
Phosphophyllite Lady Sister of Apophyllite. One of the youngest of Gemlords. Known to be delicate and elegant, and highly talented in a number of psychic powers. Overt Operations mystic. delicate, pastel sea-green
Plasma Lady Sister to Heliotrope drk green w/yellow flecks
Powellite Lord City Guard, well known for his self-confidence and sense of honor and dignity. clear
Prase Lord Twin of Chrysoprase, cousin to Chalcedony, Onyx, Sard, Sardonyx, Jasper, et al. grass green
Prehnite Lord Healer that specializes in nervous system disorders. pale yellowish to brown or green, with an oily luster
Pyrope Lady Sister to Almandine and Rhodolite, cousin to Garnet, Spessartine, Uvarovite, et al. Just as productive a worker as her brother, she tends to find more happiness in her tasks. Also known for her sensual personality. Overt Ops mystic and mistress of pyrokinetics, she could be considered a priestess of fire. fiery, blood red stone
Quartz Lord One of the oldest Gemlords. Brother to Rose-Quartz, cousin to Amethyst, et al. clear
Ralsonite Lord Covert Ops agent, usually taking on an assignment where he can pose as an entertainer, most likely a comic. Encourages others to see things with a sense of humor. ?
Ramsdellite Lord City Guard, well known for his courage and bravery, especially in the face of difficult and dangerous situations. gray to black
Rhodochrosite Lord varigated bands of light to dark rose-pink
Rhodolite Lady Sister to Almandine and Pyrope, she's a Covert Ops agent. Not as talented in pyrokinetics as her older siblings. rose-red or pale violet
Rhodonite Lord massive usually, mottled pale to dark rose-pink with black veins
Rose-Quartz Lady Head of the Healers' Guild of Lithos. Shortest adult female . Sister to Quartz, Crystal, et al, cousin to Amethyst, Citrine and Ametrine. pale rose
Rubellite Lady Sister to Tourmaline, Schorl and Indicolite. pink, red
Rubicelle Lady Sister to Spinel. orange-yellow or orange-red
Ruby Lady Southern Lieutenant of the Tower Guard ruby red
Saganite Lord Younger brother of Quartz, Crystal, et al. Engineer, astronomer. Currently building long-range spaceship. clear, with needles of rutile inclusions
Sapphire Lady Western Lieutenant of the Tower Guard blue/violet/pink/yellow/transparent
Sard Lady Triplet of Onyx and Sardonyx. red-brown
Sardonyx Lord Triplet of Onyx and Sard. bands of white and brownish-red
Scapolite Lord Twin to Wernerite. pink, purple, blue, yellow, gray, clear
Scheelite Lady One of the youngest Gemlords. pale yellow-white to brown
Schorl Lady Center of the Nightmare Binding and has a reputation of being a "bad girl". Sister to Tourmaline, Indicolite and Rubellite. Life-partnered to Hematite. black
Selenite Lady Sister to Gypsum and Alabaster. transparent and colorless
Sepiolite Lord Twin to Meerschaum. Marine biologist/ecologist chalky white, light, porous, and can float on water
Serpentine Lord Third-in-command of the peacekeepers. Known for a subtle undercurrent of hypnotic seduction to his psychic presence. Brother to Bowenite and Williamsite. massive, translucent, swirling patches ranging from colorless to deep green
Shell Lady Dreamer white with multicolored iridescence in same colors as pearl
Siderite Lord Astrophysicist. Considered to be well-grounded and stable, down-to-earth. Life-partnered to Marmatite. yellow/tan/brown
Sillimanite Lord blue to green, with distinct color changes from different angles
Sinhalite Lord Another of the slightly shadier characters of Gemlord society. Well known as something of a hedonist. Ultra-sensitive nervous system. Life-partnered to Cinnabar as well as her Covert Ops partner. Usually takes assignments where he can pose as a partying pleasure-seeker. yellowish-brown from pale to dark
Smithsonite Lord One of the younger Gemlords. Technician white/blue-green/green/pink/yellow
Snowflake Lady Scout under Malachite's command. Sister to Obsidian, Moldavite and Tektite. black with light "snowflake" or iridescent patches
Sodalite Lord Brother to Hauyne, Lazurite and Lazuli. drk blue w/white streaks
Spessartine Lord Professional swordsman. Nominally assigned to under Morganite's command. Cousin to Garnet, Pyrope and Almandine. bright orange-red
Sphalerite Lord dark yellowish brown
Sphene Lord Brother to Titanite, but not as strong or as massive. Member of the City Guard. rich green or brownish green
Spinel Lord deep red
Spodumene Lord Brother to Kunzite and Hiddenite yellowish gray
Staurolite Lord A somber, and rather short-statured, Gemlord reddish-brown to black, the crystals are often rather short in length
Sunstone Lord Cousin to Hematite reflective inclusions of red, orange and green, looks like sparkling, metallic copper
Taaffeite Lord One of the younger Gemlords Pale red, pale blue, clear
Tanzanite Lady Personal Intelligence agent to Lord Obsidian and Lady Diamond. Former Negaverse general, life-partnered to Garnet. Sister to Zoisite and Thulite, considers Alexandrite a sibling as well blue-violet
Tektite Lord Brother to Obsidian and Snowflake semi-translucent dark brown
Thulite Lord Brother to Zoisite and Tanzanite massive pinkish-red with grayish-white
Tiger-Iron Lord Overt Ops agent, swashbuckler, expert fencer a la The Three Musketeers. matrix of red jasper, hematite and tigerseye
Tigerseye Lord Brother of Bullseye and Hawkseye. Cousin to Quartz, Amethyst, Aventurine and Rose-Quartz. Southern Dream Warrior of Fire bands of chatoyant gold and brown
Titanite Lord Third in command, Commander of the City Guard. A big, massively-built Gemlord, well-known for his unearthly--by even Gemlord standards--strength. Brother of Sphene. Currently involved with Malaya. richly colored yellow or brown
Topaz Lord Castellan, Leader of the Tower Staff, Secondary Schooling Instructor transparent/yellow/blue/pink
Topazolite Lady Sister to Andradite, cousin to Garnet, Spessartine, et al. yellow with greenish cast
Tortoiseshell Lord Brother to Shell, Nightmare agent richly colored golden mottling ranging from light to fiery brown
Tourmaline Lady Sister to Achoite, Dravite, Indicolite, Rubellite and Schorl. green, yellow, two or more colors simultaneous
Trapiche Lord Brother to Emerald, Beryl, Aquamarine, et al. Civil engineer same as emerald, only has a 6-rayed star-shaped inclusion of albite that looks like spokes of a wheel radiating from the center
Tsavorite Lord Brother to Uvarovite, another garnet cousin deep, intense green
Tugtupite Lord Hair and eye colors faded to silver at night, were pink in the daylight
Turquoise Lady Aventurine's scouting partner. Has friendly rivalry with Jadeite. Life-partered to Hayune. shades of blue-green w/black streaks
Unakite Lady Twin to Epidote same stone given a cabochon cut or made into a bead
Uvarovite Lord Brother to Tsavorite, cousin to Garnet, Spessartine, Pyrope, Malaya, et al. dark, bottle-green
Vesuvuanite Lord Butler, head chef red/yellow/green/brown/purple
Violane Lady Twin to Diopside. same stone, only violet-blue in color
Wernerite Lord Twin to Scapolite. same stone, same range of colors
Williamsite Lord Brother to Serpentine and Bowenite translucent, oily green veined or spotted with dark inclusions
Wulfenite Lord bright orange-yellow
Zircon Lord Brother to Jacinth. Scout under Malachite's command.
Zoisite Lord/Lady Western Commander of Elemental Water. Sibling to Tanzanite and Thulite, sibling by adoption to Garnet and Alexandrite. blue-violet

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