The Private Quarters

You follow Di to a landing on the huge spiral staircase that runs throughout the height of the Tower. At the landing, she turns to you and grins:: Here we are at the floor where the Elemental Guard each have their own rooms. This is where they stay when they're not out on patrol or otherwise engaged. If we head up one more level, we'll be at the floor where the Hall of the Mirror and the rooms for the Tower Guard and Lord Obsidian are--the top of the Tower. And one level below us is the fabled Tower Library and the quarters of those who watched over that vast collection of knowledge. Below that level where the Library exists will also be found the quarters that the younger Gemlords were given as they trained under their two instructors.

::Opens the door at the landing. Beyond the entry, you see a corridor that runs through the diameter of the circular space, four doors--two on each side--being the only breaks in the hallway's walls. Di gestures to the area beyond:: Here's where the private quarters of the Elemental Guard are located. I also have access to just about all areas of this borrowed city of Atlantis that the Gemlords have now made their home. But before I go on, perhaps I should explain a little about Lithosian culture . . .

There are only five hundred Gemlords. Commander Zoisite was the last one to step forth from the Mirror; there have been no others since. Each one of them was created by the Mirror to help out the Guardian of Space carry out his duties of overseeing the status quo of the Cosmos, and their very culture reflects that. After centuries of education and training under first Lieutenant Amber and then Castellan Topaz, young Gemlords were handed over to the team of Lord Malachite and Lady Azurite for training in how to behave out "in the field" and practice in maintaining the Rule of Non-Interference. During that time, the two watching over them as well as the discreet agents of the Bureau of Internal Affairs would observe, record and otherwise monitor the young adult's progress. At the end of their training, culminated by a year-long assignment away from home, Malachite, Azurite and Internal Affairs would make their recommendation to the High Council as to which of the various groups the young Gemlord would belong. Lord Obsidian would then make the final judgment, giving the young adult his or her permanent assignment.

Of course, if you want, I can tell you a little bit about each of the main groups into which Gemlords are assigned, as well as what I know right now of who is in what group. Of course, I haven't gotten around to talking to everyone just yet, so the lists are still incomplete. But they should be enough for you to get an idea of what the culture on Lithos was like.

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