Lithos Miscellaneous: A fanfic world based on Sailor Moon

Here are links to other information and stuff dealing with the world I created writing as a fan of Sailor Moon. Of course, I'm not affiliated in any way with any of the people or companies who hold the copyright to Sailor Moon or its characters from either the anime or the manga (Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha Ltd./Toei Animation Co. Ltd./DIC Productions/Mixxzine); I'm merely doing this to be creative and entertain others.

Not only including background information on the Gemlords of Lithos, you can also find here things originally dealing with my website in its first incarnation as "The Obsidian Tower"--both the midi files that could be used for background music while surfing the site and the awards the Tower won from other webmasters. I've left the narrative on those pages remain since they too are reflections on some of the Gemlords created for my fanfics universe.

The Private Quarters Trophies for the Tower
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