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Original Stories

Aizvarya: An ancient empire that's known a thousand years of rulership under the Jade Lotus Throne, Aizvarya is a realm of fantasy, magic, romance and adventure. Rescued from the brink of death by the only other survivor of his clan, a young boy of great talent grows up to become the most feared assassin in recent memory. Yet what he's become goes against his very nature . . . (Overall rating: PG-13, but some sections are R and NC-17)

Aleona: This realm of fantasy and magic is much like the Britain found in the romances of King Arthur. It had always been tradition for the Prince of Aleona to marry the land in spirit in order to secure his right to the throne and bring prosperity to his clan and people. But for this generation of royalty, doing so thrusts the royal twin siblings into a dark secret at odds with present-day ideas of morality. (Overall rating: NC-17)

Tawy: In a land much like mythic ancient Egypt, the twin royal princesses finally come of age. While one ascends the throne as the next Auset with her Ausar at her side, the younger twin is forced to deal with the anger and jealousy of her new husband. (Overall rating so far: PG)

Faerie: A chance encounter with a child fox-pooka thief sets in motion a series of events for Oberon, King of the Fey, that has far-reaching consequences for all of Faerie and the magical denizens living within the Shining Realm. (Overall rating so far: PG-13)


Lithos (Sailor Moon): The Dark Kingdom/Negaverse villains from the first season get a new backstory and culture. Set after the first season but before the Ail and Ann arc, a slumbering power finally awakens, determined to exact revenge on the Inner Senshi. Side stories expands upon the culture and people of Lithos. (Overall rating: PG-13)

Revolutionary Girl Utena: Fanfics featuring the characters of Utena, including a fusion between that anime/manga and the high romance and adventure of legendary Britain of King Arthur's day. (Ratings listed on page)

Zoey's Story (World of Darkness): The chronicle of one mortal's introduction to the gritty, scary reality of White Wolf Game's World of Darkness. The two RPGs featured are Vampire: the Masquerade and Mummy: the Resurrection.