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Original Stories

Aizvarya: Background information and author notes on the clans, places and things within the Empire of the Jade Lotus Throne.

Aleona: Background information and other notes dealing with the realm watched over by the Argent Stag Throne.

Tawy: Notes and other stuff dealing with the land along the banks of the Great River.

Faerie: Notes, background info and other stuff relating to my vision of Faerie and the magical denizens within.


Lithos (Sailor Moon): Background information, notes and other various things dealing with the Gemlords, their universe, and the original site from which the Silverlands grew.

Revolutionary Girl Utena: Notes and other things dealing with my Utena fanfics.

Zoey's Story (World of Darkness): Notes and other information dealing with the character chronicle contained within "Zoey's Story".