The Trophy Room

Believe it or not, we've got awards!

::Once again, Jadeite stands in the center of the room, looking so smug. After all, of the Gemlords, he's still the one that deals with computer stuff within the Tower::

::And, as before, a sullen Zoisite stands there, though this time the masculine-at-the-moment Western Commander's doing his best to look indifferent::

::Glances over at the gorgeous Gemlord with the wispy, coppery-gold hair:: Another addition to the trophies, hmm, Zoi?

::Zoey just nods, his copper-gold hair floating softly around his pretty face::

::Jade grins at the younger Gemlord:: Well, I've managed to prove that there's at least someone else that likes our humble little abode without that person being a friend. In fact, these latest awards are something to be happy about.

Oh? And why's that?

Because ::Zoey butts in, his look of boredom shifting to a slight smile:: This person has a grading system for how places rate, and it sounds like this person looks over things with a critical eye.

::Looks to Jade and smiles:: I see. You feel like we've really earned this one. We earned Illuna's as well.

::The Air Warrior nods:: Yes, we did, but we actually have an indication how we rate with this one.

::Chuckles a bit:: All right, Commander Jadeite. Feel like showing off the awards to the guests?

Certainly. ::Jade strides out to the center of the ebony-walled room and takes it all in with a sweeping gesture of his hand:: Here we have the separate exhibits in this room. Just tell me where you want to go and we'll take a closer look.

Crushafo's awardsIlluna's awardsArena's awardsCallie's awards
Zan-chan's awardAmanda's awardsHaruka's awardRebecca's awards

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