The Art Museum

::As Di leads you along the staircase that spirals through the Tower, the blond-haired Author falls into a quiet mood, one that could almost be considered mild embarrassment. Finally she stops at a landing about midway up the height of the black stone structure and turns toward the doorway::

::The entrance they face is slightly breathtaking, an archway filled with a pair of gilded bronze doors sculpted in high relief. The scenes appear to be ones of everyday life on the Gemlords' now-destroyed homeworld of Lithos, a mute testimony to how things used to be::

::The blond woman gestures to the doors:: Here is your chosen destination, the Art Museum of the Obsidian Tower. In here, you'll find all the pictures that are scattered throughout the tour gathered here in one place, as well as perhaps a few extras found nowhere else in the Tower. ::Her cheeks flush faintly pink and she adds, in a very soft voice:: I still think I write better than I draw...

::With that, she pushes open the glittering gold doors and steps inside. You find yourself in a room that spans the entire eighth floor. Set up like a museum, with corridors that are lined with framed pictures spotlighted by track lighting, the room is a showcase of visual media. With a gesture, she waves you inside:: Go on, take your time. Browse around all you want. By the way, there *is* one picture there that's a bit racy, but still tasteful, so don't be too offended by it. At least I hope you won't be.

::Di then slips back out the door to wait in silence for you to wander through the collection::

Lord Obsidian
Obsidian again
Captain Diamond
Lord Kunzite
Commander Kunzite
Nephrite and Nathan
Commander Nephrite
Lord Jadeite
Commander Jadeite
Zoisite, both forms
Lady Zoisite
Lord Zoisite
Commander Zoisite
Zoe (blush)
Lord Garnet
Garnet again
General Tanzanite
Lady Tanzie
Tanzie again
Lord Adamant
Lord Quartz
Lord Hiddenite
Lord Jet
Lord Jasper
Jasper in disguise
Jasper again
Lord Sinhalite Sailor Sirius
Jayce Prescott
Sailor Andromeda
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