The Exploratory/Covert Operations Corps

::Di-chan turns to you and starts explaining:: The main bulk of the Gemlord population falls under the catchall category of the Exploratory and Covert Operations Corps. Essentially, all those Gemlords not in one of the other corps are counted among the members of this one. Thus, if a Gemlord isn't given the assignment to be a spy, or kept back home for a job there, or isn't in one of the sciences or medicine, or isn't one of the warrior-diplomats that wanders around the Cosmos in those societies that already know of the Gemlords, they are here, under the joint command of Lord Malachite and Lady Azurite. Also, young Gemlords just after they've earned their circlet and stepped into the role of an adult member of Lithosian society are traditionally assigned to this corps for the first few years of their continued training. After their first successful solo mission, they would then be assigned to a more permanent command after the High Council evaluated their performance.

The duties of this group of Gemlords are actually rather simple. Go out there and explore all of Space, record what you find, bring back examples and specimens that may be of interest, and uphold the integrity and the status quo of Space. However, there is one stricture that all Gemlords must follow:

Thou shalt not take any action that reveals the existence to cultures you encounter of other cultures, technologies, abilities and races beyond those already known by that culture.

Of all the corps of Lithos, this one bears that burden the most, for they are the ones that are out there among the cultures ignorant of the existence of Lithos and the Gemlords. Even if it means standing back and watching the Negaverse take down an entire planet, a Gemlord cannot reveal anything not already known by those natives, even should that revelation perhaps save them from such a fate. That doesn't mean the Gemlord can't do what they can without breaking Lord Obsidian's order; there have been a few times such an inventive Gemlord has been able to save the day without giving away anything forbidden.

I know that right now I don't have many Gemlords listed here at all, but it's far easier to start with who's not in this corps than it is stating who is. As I continue to do my interviews with various Gemlords and get a better idea how their society works, I'll certainly find out more about who should be listed here as I fill in the rosters of the other corps.

Lord Malachite Lady Azurite Lady Turquoise Lady Aventurine Lady Snowflake
Commander SiC Scout Scout Scout
Lord Sinhalite Lady Cinnabar Lord Zircon Lord Abelsonite Lord Abernathyite
Field agent Field agent Field agent Field agent Field agent
Lady Acanthite Lord Agardite Lady Aheylite Lady Andesine Lord Augite
Field agent Scout Scout Field agent Scout
Lady Beryllonite Lord Brucite Lord Californite Lady Callais Lady Calomel
Scout Field agent Field agent Field agent Scout
Lady Celadonite Lady Cherite Lady Chessylite Lady Julienite Lord Linarite
Scout Field agent Field agent Scout Field agent
Lord Miargyrite Lord Oligoclase Lord Omphacite Lord Petersite Lord Ralsonite
Field agent Special courier Scout Field agent Field agent
Lady Rhodolite
Field agent

::Di looks back at you:: Not everyone's ready yet to have someone stop by and talk to them about who they are and what they do, but rest assured, they will all have interviews in time. I have the power to teleport us anywhere within the Tower and the City, so just give me an indication and away we'll go. If there's no one you'd like to talk to in the groups I've mentioned so far, then perhaps you'd like to hear about another group?

::She smiles brightly and awaits your choice::

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