The Core of Lithos

::Di stands before you in the circular Hall of the Mirror, the gesture of her hand taking in the black stone walls decorated with tapestries, the lush Zodiac-decorated carpet that covers the expanse of the floor, the groups of furniture arranged around the walls to make a number of places to sit back and relax in private conversations and, to the east, the raised dais of three steps upon which rests both the black stone throne of the Guardian of Space and the Vortex Mirror inlaid into the wall there:: The Hall of the Mirror. In many ways, this place can be considered the core of the Gemlords' society, because it's here that the Symbol of Space resides, and it's here from which Lord Obsidian rules.

At the heart of Gemlord society is what they call the Cornerstone Binding. In case you're not sure, a "Binding" is a group of Gemlords--usually five, one for each Element/Direction and then tied to a Center--that are psychically and spiritually tied to one another. A Gemlord isn't picked to be a member of a Binding; rather he or she was "born" to that task, being "discovered" when the time is appropriate. No one knows how the appropriate time is figured out. That remains a mystery to even them.

The Cornerstone Binding is actually two separate Bindings that are tied to one another in a Yin-Yang relationship, and together they represent the power of the Vortex Mirror to actively transcend the Elements to maintain the status quo of the Universe by monitoring Space.

The Elemental Guard

These five Gemlords represent the active principles of the Elements in maintaining Matter, Space and the Cosmos. Each one embodies the direct, take-action, forceful application of their respective Element. Though their Center usually remains home at the Tower, the other four were expected to patrol the far reaches of Space for a thousand years at a time to actively seek out breaches in the fabric of Space and repair them. If a greater focus was needed, then their Center would join them to better channel their force.

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Guardian of Space,
Fire Elemental,
Southern Commander
Earth Elemental,
Northern Commander
Air Elemental,
Eastern Commander
Water Elemental,
Western Commander

The Tower Guard

Bound to the Elemental Guard, those next five Gemlords represent the passive, absorptive, and reflective principles of the Elements. Where the others patrol the far reaches of Space, these five remain at home to watch over and protect the Tower and the Vortex Mirror. Should any threats to Cosmic integrity happen within their home solar system, these fierce, protective warriors will go deal with it. They are also the ones that actively maintain the current, nearly impenetrable force field that protects the current City occupied by the Lithosians.

Captain Diamond Lieutenant Emerald Lieutenant Ruby Lieutenant Sapphire Lieutenant Amber
Consort to Obsidian,
SiC of Lithos
Earth Guardian,
Northern Lieutenant,
Fire Guardian,
Southern Lieutenant
Water Guardian,
Western Lieutenant
Air Guardian,
Eastern Lieutenant,

The Tower Staff

While the Cornerstone Binding is the heart of Lithos, there are a number of Gemlords that see to it that this place, the Obsidian Tower itself, remains functioning smoothly. Like any ruler, Lord Obsidian has a few trustworthy servants to see to the day-to-day things. Of course, for the Gemlords, "servant" is a relative thing. It's a job that needs to be done and someone has to do it, but that certainly doesn't imply that the Gemlord in question is somehow subservient. In many ways, these are the people Obsidian turns to for advice, because they are the ones closest to him.

Castellan Topaz Lord Vesuvianite Lord Chambersite Lord Herderite
Trainer of Pages
Butler, Pantler,
Head Chef
Head Gardener

The Library Staff

Another group of Gemlords close to Lord Obsidian is the staff of the Tower Library. One of the Gemlords' duties is the preservation of knowledge, and these four follow that dictate with a personal passion and zeal. Though all Lithosians returning from the field are encouraged to bring back something to add to the physical or electronic collection, one of these Gemlords is often on a personal quest to go out there and bring back something. The Library houses more than books, for all sorts of artistic media are included in the collection--the museums that had most of such treasures were lost with the destruction of Lithos, but a number of smaller works and paintings were in the Main Library on the thirteenth floor of the Tower.

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::Di looks back at you:: Not everyone's ready yet to have someone stop by and talk to them about who they are and what they do, but rest assured, they will all have interviews in time. I have the power to teleport us anywhere within the Tower and the City, so just give me an indication and away we'll go. If there's no one you'd like to talk to in the groups I've mentioned so far, then perhaps you'd like to hear about another group?

::She smiles brightly and awaits your choice::

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