The Intelligence Corps

Considering the job that's on Lord Obsidian's shoulders, it should be no surprise at all that the Guardian of Space has a network of skilled professionals who go out there among the citizens of the Cosmos and find out just what's going on, especially in those areas where agents of Chaos might be plotting to tear apart the very fabric of Space. For the most part charming and intelligent, these individuals see to it that shady dealings are known to their ruler. Their activities range anywhere from good old-fashioned intelligence gathering to industrial espionage and counter-intelligence.

Whereas Lord Garnet and Lady Tanzanite are under Lord Obsidian's direct command, the rest of the Intelligence Corps falls under Lord Hiddenite's command, usually helping either the Overt or Covert Operations Corps in their quest to thwart the plots of the agents of Chaos.

This grouping of Gemlords also includes the Bureau of Internal Affairs, those Gemlords dedicated to making sure that those who serve under Lord Obsidian are keeping the laws and rules laid down by the Guardian of Space. All of the Internal Affairs agents are covert, each one appearing to have other jobs and assignments as covers for their true investigations, and they report to Lord Hauyne.

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