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Welcome to The Silverlands, my own little demense on the World Wide Web where I show off what passes for writing and drawing talent. Glad you could stop by and pay me a visit!

If you're wondering who the shaggy, orange-haired swordsman is whose image is now gracing my page, that's the main character of the original story on which I've been working the last few months. His name is Karavasu, one of two surviving members of the Clan of the Fox, but he's much better known to the world at large as Khuradasu, "The Demon's Claw"--the legendary and feared assassin who struck terror in the hearts of those who opposed Derkarya's right to defend itself and its allies.

Yeah, it's been a long time since I've done any updates, but I've been busy. I haven't given up on writing or doing art in a 3D medium, but I've also been off exploring the world of Azeroth in WoW. I have a couple of level 70s now and a number of other characters, mostly between levels 30-65. Most of the writing I've done I've kept to myself since it's original work instead of fanfiction and maybe, one day, I'll get published. As for drawings, well, I've been busy in DAZ Studio--nice little program and FREE! If you're interested in what I've been doing lately, go check out my DeviantArt page.

Sometimes I come across things on the Internet I think are neat or cool. This little windchime in the upper corner is such a thing. The place I got it from is a Japanese page linked under the menu to the left.

I hope you have as much fun wandering the shining shores of my imagination and reading what I've written as I have had in writing it as well as role-playing some of it out. I do this for fun, and part of that fun is sharing with other people. Thank you, one and all, for your time and attention.